IT Solutions for Business

IT Solutions for Business

What is an IT Solution? It’s simply bringing together the separate elements of products and services, plus the underpinning infrastructure. The component parts are tailored around what you need; based on what you have now and what you want to achieve in the future.

An IT solution takes into account your whole business and delivers a robust and encompassing resolution.

Connect365 is our solution

Our Connect365 solution takes the power and reliability of the Microsoft platform. Then unifies it with our experience in IT support, security and management. It is a flexible, agile and cost effective IT solution that encompasses support, hosted network, Microsoft applications and IT security.

Included in your solution...

  • We provide managed disk storage accessible by mapped drives.
  • This means that we back-up and can restore data on request.
  • We can add permissions at a very granular level; ensuring that only acceptable individuals can view HR and Accounts data etc.
  • We also monitor your stored data and tell you when you’re about to run out of space.
  • We create a private cloud for you in our Data Centre and seamlessly integrate it with the Microsoft cloud, which is where your mailboxes are hosted.
  • We provide application Servers that are located in our Data Centre and are also part of your private cloud.
  • Weekly reports, access to a company dashboard showing real time Helpdesk ticket statistics.

...with London Systems

  • You receive a dedicated Account Manager.
  • We provide a UK based, qualified technical support Helpdesk.
  • We administer your 365 account that sits’ on Microsoft’s platform, this means we we invoice you – which provides more cash flow.
  • We also manage your renewal process and your transition with our 5-step switch process.
  • Business Critical support comes as standard with all our solutions.
  • As does an IT review before we propose anything to you.
  • We also deal with all of your 3rd party technical suppliers, which come in handy when persistent printer problems occur.
About London Systems

The London Systems approach is about being straight forward, transparent and excellent. We do things differently and specialise in providing complete managed IT services. Cloud based IT Solutions for business in London and globally.

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