IT Security

IT Security as Standard

Data Centres

We have high standards of data security. We use multiple Data Centres in separate locations, one is always available as a hot standby in case of problems. Automatic back-up to tape occurs every 24 hours and files are scanned regularly for viruses.

Mailboxes are stored on the Microsoft 365 platform which provides automatic spam and virus scanning and protection. And generally is recognised within the industry as being one of the most secure Cloud platforms available today.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Should the unexpected happen, our disaster recovery facilities automatically take over and will bring one of the other data centres online.

A complete back-up to tape every 24 hours ensures you have access to archived copies of your files if you need them. Our Disaster Recovery plan is only used when necessary and failure on the

Pro-active monitoring

With proactive anti-virus, spam and firewall management, we can prevent problems arising in the first place. And with your data backed-up, server protection and encryption taken care of, you can be confident that your IT security is in expert hands.

Data Backup & Recovery Services

Backing up your business data is extremely important. We automatically and consistently back-up all of your business data remotely and store it securely in our data centres.

Anti Virus

Protecting your business data without hindering performance is important so our powerful next generation anti-virus weapon provides protection instantly, does real time scanning and includes upgrades to combat future attacks. This means that threats are caught instantly and risk greatly reduced. By monitoring so closely we alleviate business disruption, down time and file corruption.

Front line Security

Removable storage devices like iPads, Smartphones and USB sticks present a risk to your business data because they could leak sensitive information or introduce unauthorised software to your network. Our End Point security software automatically detects any access attempts and will alert you to what has been detected and where. It restricts access for any device to any computer in your network and temporary access available is by device, time fame and computer.

About London Systems

The London Systems approach is about being straight forward, transparent and excellent. We do things differently and specialise in providing complete managed IT services. Cloud based IT Solutions for business in London and globally.

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